What does the Mitchell Library in Glasgow have to do with Clootie Dumpling?

The answer is lots! So much, that Granny Beaton's is going to be featured as a case study in the Glasgow Life libraries newsletter and social media next month. How did that happen? Read on...

Trademarking Granny Beaton's - Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC)

I visited to the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) at the Mitchell Library 3 years ago to find out what was involved in trademarking the name 'Granny Beaton's'. I wanted ensure I had the legal right to use the name before embarking on a website. My main concern was Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, first published in 1861, with variations being published up to 2016. Although a different spelling, it is a well known name connected to food. The BIPC were able to provide lots of information relating to intellectual property, not just trademarks, but also patents, designs and copyright information. The trademark application was successful.


History of Scottish Food - General Services

Other than my Granny used to make it, I knew little about the history of Clootie Dumpling. The General Services department in the Mitchell Library provided a range of books on the history and traditions associated with Scottish food.


Newspaper article - The Glasgow Room

I wanted to find a copy of an article about my Granny entitled 'The Angel of the Rest and be Thankful'. The title was the only information I had. In the Glasgow Room, I was able to access all the national sunday newspapers from the 1970's. Some were the original newspapers and some were stored on microfiche. I spent a lot of time reading the headlines of the day, but did not find the article.


Clootie Dumplings to go...

Ready to go

How much cloth for the Clootie Dumplings, what sizes, how many to cut, how much from one length of material and can I cut in a straight line? How much ribbon and in what lengths? String, gift tags, address labels, rubber stamps to procure and thankyou cards ordered. How many boxes, what size and what type of packing material to use? Postage rates, Royal Mail or courier? How do I set up an online account for the courier, book uplift times and track parcels? All this and of course, I made last minute changes to the website!

All is now calm, the perfect time to announce that the online shop is officially open.


Opening date for online shop.

I am delighted to announce that Granny Beaton's online shop will open on Monday 19 August! Until then, you can visit my stall at Partick Farmers' Market in Mansfield Park, Partick, Glasgow, G11 5QP on Saturday 20 July, 10.00am to 2.00pm. Have a great summer! Gift wrapped clootie

Welcome to Granny Beaton’s website!

Kirsteen on her stall

I first set up my stall, 10 years ago at Milngavie Farmers’ Market. Since then, I have traded at many markets in Glasgow, met lots of great customers and enjoyed all Scotland’s weather has to offer. Now it is time for a new adventure, a website!

I will continue to sell from my stall, but now I can also sell from the comfort of my own home. This is a whole new experience for me and lots to still to learn. Have a look at the website, you will find all you ever needed to know about Clootie Dumpling and more.

Within a few minutes and couple of clicks, you can send the unique gift of a delicious Clootie Dumpling to friends and family, it’s so easy!

The website is not just about my story and selling Clootie Dumpling, it’s more than that. Take a look at the Clootie and You page for current customer stories, I would be delighted if you added to these. I have been given a couple of recipes too, and plan to share these in a future blog post. Sign up to our newsletter for updates and special offers. Follow us on social media and help spread the Clootie Dumpling love!