An email from the Bahamas...

In November 2019, I received an email enquiry through the website from Dugie McNab who lives in the Bahamas. Not for Clootie Dumpling but to check if I was the right person. I'm glad I was. Dugie lived next door to Granny Beaton in Tullochgorm, Argyll in the 1930's/40's. My dad, who you can see here pictured with the cat on his knee, often spoke fondly of his childhood days at Tullochgorm, or Tulloch as many call it, so much so that his ashes are scattered round an old oak tree there. Dugie and I exchanged photos and stories over the months ahead. Dugie had some of his memoirs published some time ago in the Argyll press. This week was delighted to receive my own copy from him.

Dugie describes how close people became during the war years and in particular my grandparents, Donald and Kate - ' Donald was in the Argylls too and was taken prisoner in 1943. We had a great celebration with bunting (I don’t know where we got it) and bonfires when he and Peter came home again after the War. Sons Duncan and Robert. Wife Kate from Muasdale, sister of Madge #1. Kate was a great neighbor to have and she and my mother were very close – always helping each other on wash days, sharing meals, and getting firewood. Donald moved to Asknish Farm round about 1950, and then went shepherding at Butterbridge – on the A83 in Glen Kinglas.

Dugie is keen to share his memories from 1930's to 1950's of a crofting life in Argyll. If you would like to read his full story, email me.

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