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clootie and tea

Clootie Dumpling, a traditional Scottish steamed fruit pudding, comes with many stories, recipes, and family traditions. All this and more, make Granny Beaton's a very special business.

It’s rich, spicy, fruity flavour evokes strong childhood memories among many and beautifully old fashioned, it is the ideal comfort food. Simple Scottish food, hearty and unpretentious.

My Granny Beaton gave me her recipe for Clootie Dumpling in 1983, and with a couple of small changes, it is the recipe I use today. Here it is, Granny Beaton’s Clootie Dumpling, served with a big dollop of nostalgia. I hope you enjoy it.

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Who was Granny Beaton?

Granny Beaton

Granny Beaton is the inspiration for Granny Beaton's Clootie Dumpling – it’s her recipe, so it made sense to name it after her.

A shepherd’s wife, always busy in the kitchen, cooking and baking. Always lots of visitors to their home and always a warm welcome. Family, friends, shepherds and travellers all dined well on Granny Beaton's hospitality.

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